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Nothing Is Wrong With You

When I was applying to dental school back in 2015 (whew, don’t judge me I’m old & gray now) - I was SO hard on myself.

I constantly would say things like:

“I’m not going to get any interviews or get into dental school!”

“My GPA isn’t high enough!”

“I have to get in the first time I apply!”

I felt like because I wasn’t the perfect applicant, there was no hope for me!

If you’re reading this, and you are overly self critical, I’m here to tell you - NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU! Here are a few pre - dental myths I believed that I want you to know AREN’T TRUE!

#1: You Have To Have A Perfect GPA - Absolutely false. Many dental schools post ranges of the Overall & Science GPA of applicants they accept. Take a look at your GPA & the school you want to attend, and see if you fall anywhere within that range! If not, it’s ok - I still say apply anyway, emphasizes strengths aside from your GPA and express how committed you are to bettering yourself academically.

#2: Getting Rejected The First Time Is The End - What my journey in dentistry has taught me is that DELAY IS NOT DENIAL. I most definitely got denied, from the school I ended up attending, the first time I applied. Yes it hurt, but let it push you to strengthen your application, reapply and ultimately GET ACCEPTED.

#3: Taking A Gap Year Is A Bad Thing: Listen, I am GOOD for trying to plan my life as if I’m in control. I was adamant about going straight to dental school after undergrad so I could be a Dentist by a certain age! Chile — God laughed! AND he rerouted me. I ended up working in a dental office for a year and then receiving my Masters and a seat in the 2021 Dental class. Everything that happened during those gap year(s) better prepared me for dental school and made me even more successful. Remember, God’s timing - NOT your own!

#4: I’m Not A Strong Enough Applicant For Dental School: This is loaded and has a lot to do with self limiting beliefs and negative thoughts I projected onto myself. I had to change the tone of my inner voice and say “YOU ARE GOING TO BE A DENTIST - NO MATTER WHAT”. Before I got into my Masters program, I was broke, depressed and had no clue what I would do if I didn’t pursue dentistry. But I told my now husband, “I’m going to speak it into existence, I will be a dentist” and we reflect on those moments to this day.

So friend, just KNOW - you have what it takes! And no matter what it looks like, you CAN & WILL get into school!

Keep Going - I believe in you!

Dr. Aier

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