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"Hi, I’m Dr. Davis" ...

Hello friend & welcome to my website! My name is Aierress Hanna Davis, I'm a wife, mommy - to be and new dentist! I'm 28 years old, originally from Jacksonville, Florida (DUVAL COUNTY STAND UP)! and I graduated from University of Central Florida (#GoKnights #ChargeOn ) in 2015. I wanted to write a introductory post to let you know a little about me, why I created this website, and what I plan on doing with it!

#LifeOfAWife - So I'm just getting my feet wet but being a wife is great! If you know me, you know my husband, Myles Davis (like the jazz musician but with a Y). We've been together since 2014, when we met heading into our senior year in college. I always tell him that he is the man I was praying for in my moments of loneliness, and I believe that to this day. I could talk all day about my Myles Davis but I'll share our story in another post - promise!

#MamaToBe - whew, this one deserves a moment of its own! I'm 35 weeks and I still wake up and look at my stomach like "I can't believe I'm pregnant" lol. My due date is September 6th ( the day after my best friend's birthday - pray for us lol). This is an experience I honestly didn't prepare for ( & I'm super type A but that's a conversation for another day) - BUT it has changed me in the best way, in every way. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, worried, happy, confused, lost, etc. - basically every emotion you can be! BUT with each passing day, I'm consistently so excited to meet my Myles Jr. I'll keep everyone posted on how I'm preparing for Baby Davis!

#BabyDentist - MAMA I MADE IT! So I am a licensed dental professional. A whole dentist - not a hygienist or assistant (whom I love and in no way am I shading), but a Doctor of Dental Surgery. It was a LONG journey filled with many highs and lows, but it was all worth it! Would I do it again? NAH lol I'd take rapping seriously and maybe I'd be Meg thee Stallion by now. BUT we praise God that I accomplished a dream I've had since I was 14. I'm genuinely passionate about dentistry, I love interacting with patients, learning about new techniques, products and advances in the field. I plan to share details about my journey, tips for pre -dents, and my advice and product reviews!

#DrAierressDavis - I created this page to begin to establish my own brand and create a space for me to share my imperfect journey. I also want to serve as a resource for all that engage with my page. My goal is to share what I know & what I've learned with others. My content isn't just about dentistry! I want to reflect my authentic self & interests in everything I post, suggest and support. Prayerfully this page manifests into something I never even imagined - BECAUSE MY GOD CONSTANTLY DOES THAT IN MY LIFE. But whatever happens, I look forward to the journey!

Thanks for stopping by, and if you don't mind comment and let me know what you'd like to hear from me and how I can help! OR contact me directly so we can connect. Here's to a NEW beginning :)

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3 коментарі

Whitney Celestin
Whitney Celestin
06 серп. 2021 р.

Why did I read this in your voice? 😂 Aier, I’m so proud of all of your accomplishments! I can’t wait to read your other posts.


06 серп. 2021 р.

I love this and love you ! It’s so amazing that you accomplished this dream that you’ve had since you were 14 years old. Seems like yesterday! I’m so proud of you and this space you’ve created. I can’t wait to hear more about your experience as a Doctor 👩🏾‍⚕️ !

{&& yes, y’all please pray for us and this due date .. WE are not okay 😅}


kristin crumbley
kristin crumbley
05 серп. 2021 р.

I would love to hear more about your preparations for Baby MJ's arrival, and when the time comes, how you balance being a newlywed and #babydentist with the addition of the new arrival!

The website is poppin' BTW!

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