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FOREO Sweden ISSA line - 50% OFF Black Friday Deals!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Hi Friends!

Back with more dental recommendations - but you know I'll never lead you astray!

I've had the opportunity to work closely with FOREO this year and I wanted to share their 50% Black Friday Deal they have with my favorite people!

First of all, FOREO Sweden is an international brand, best known for their skincare products (which are amazing as well!). They have created a line of advanced dental products that have been clinically proven to be safe & effective! The FOREO brand prides itself on making "self - care simple, easy and enjoyable", and as a user of their products I can promise you they are fulfilling their mission.

ISSA 3 - The ISSA 3 is a game changer; It has a hybrid brush head made of medical-grade silicone and PBT polymer bristles. This is a unique feature as most adult brush heads are made of nylon and don't include silicone. Silicone is extremely hygienic so this toothbrush is considered bacteria-resistant. It's tough on plaque, and gentle on your gums and powered by Sonic Pulse technology. I'm sure you're wondering what that is, but it gives you the option to use 16 different intensity levels personalizing your brushing experience.

ISSA Baby - The ISSA baby is my absolute favorite! My baby loves his toothbrush so much and is ALWAYS excited to brush his teeth. Making dental care routine at an early age is extremely important. The ISSA baby has ultra-soft silicone bristles with gentle sonic pulsations. According to FOREO, "from gum massage to brushing primary teeth, this first toothbrush helps babies establish proper brushing habits - while having fun!" and I must admit this is 100% true!

Visit to learn more about FOREO products and grab your new toothbrush! You also get a gift with every purchase - so it's a win win!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Davis

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