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#AierFaves: A Few Of My Daily Go - To’s

Like I said, I want to share ALL THINGS AIER! So today’s post is about some of my most favorite products! I use each of these daily & I highly recommend you do too! Each time I make a #AierFaves post I’m going to be sure to feature a dental product that I recommend professionally. Hopefully I’ll be able to do individual reviews about products and teach a little dentistry in the process, we’ll see!

Trader Joe’s Grapefruit Body Butter - First of all, if you know me you know I SWEAR by Trader Joe’s. Now, TJ’s has some misses - but my boy has some HITS! This body butter is one of them. It’s thick, the smell isn’t too strong and it lasts for a very long time. Don’t think TJ’s is just for groceries! Slide down the beauty aisle and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Water Gel Daily Face Moisturizer - Everyone would benefit and should use a daily moisturizer for their skin. My preference is this Neutrogena Hydrating Water Gel! A few dabs on my face after I use my facial cleanser, my face feels so full and fresh. The moisture lasts for most of the day but use it as you please, sis!

Trader Joe’s Rose Water Toner - I meannn, what did I say about TJ’s - A BRAND! I saw this toner on @blackgirlsintraderjoes (FOLLOW RIGHT NOW) & I usually catch most of my favorites on that page or I’ll randomly try something new in the store. This toner is very light and also gives me a plump, fresh feeling on my skin! I love it & it also lasts very long.

Listerine TOTAL Care Mouthwash - I’m praying that most of us have used Listerine before, at least the bright green color! No judgement here. BUT I love the TOTAL CARE product because it is not as harsh as the mouthwash we’re used to. It has ingredients to protect against cavities, and eliminate bacteria that causes your breath to smell and gums to swell - we love to see it! I’d definitely recommend it, if certain mouthwashes are too rough for you, it’s a tad bit lighter!

I've added links to each product, they're all reasonably priced and available on Amazon! You can always visit my storefront to see my FAVES before I post them here on my blog!

Until next time, Dr. Aier!

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