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2022 - The Year To Do It ANYWAY

Hi Friends!

A new year means a fresh start - a time to reflect, reset and identify some new year resolutions! After thinking about my life changing 2021, a year where I became a wife, mother and dentist, I realized I spent too much energy doubting myself!

“I’m pregnant? I can barely take care of myself - how will I take care of a baby”

“Am I ready to get married? I’m not sure if I’m wife material!”

“I JUST graduated - am I really ready to go straight into practice?”

I spent endless hours crying & worrying about my past, present & future in 2021. Questioning myself and my worth every step of the way. AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED - everything worked out better than I could’ve even imagined!

I’m realizing that the biggest person limiting my opportunities & success - is ME, MYSELF & EYE! I tell myself life has to go a certain way, or I have to achieve certain accomplishments before I pursue a new opportunity, or I’m too *broke* to even think about x,y,z - chile the list goes on!!

In 2022, my motto is “DO IT ANYWAY” - reckless, but stay with me! I’m certain there aren’t 20 people telling you daily what you can’t do or doubting your abilities; it’s just you. I wouldn’t say we lack confidence, but the reality is fear and anxiety influence our ability to truly challenge ourselves by walking into the unknown! This year I want to change my mental rhetoric and walk in ABUNDANCE, walk in NEWNESS, and DO IT ANYWAY!

I encourage you to do the same. If you’re reading this, think about all the times you’ve questioned yourself, all the times you’ve doubted yourself, and how all of those moments stopped you from pursuing a goal or dream (that you deemed unattainable). We’re stopping that this year - or at least trying to! I’ll let you know how I’m “DOING IT ANYWAY” throughout the year and keep me posted on your journey too! I really want to create a community here and be a resource to all that stop by - that’s my ultimate goal!

Thanks for stopping by,


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kristin crumbley
kristin crumbley
23 ene 2022

You’re so right! Mindset is key, and most times we need to just keep that forward momentum despite our personal doubts. Proud of you for doing it anyway! I’m striving to do the same this year.

Me gusta
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