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Hi, I'm Aierress.

Welcome to my website! This is a home for my content, my thoughts, and my journey. Thank you for visiting and stopping by to learn more about me.  

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My Story

I knew at 14 years old that I wanted to be a dentist. From that moment I set my sights on that goal and never looked back. Now hundreds of years later, I'm still training and currently in residency to specialize in Periodontics. 

As a first - generation graduate, I've faced many obstacles on my road to dentistry. Imposter syndrome, rejection, lack of finances, the list goes on. But I truly believe that God wants me to use my story to inspire others. Dentistry is a very competitive field and like most professions in this country - there is underrepresentation amongst black dental professionals. I'd like to change that, I don't quite know how, but I'm using my platform to at the very least inspire others. 

After graduating from dental school, I realized I enjoy creating content. Not your typical dental videos about brushing everyday (twice a day, by the way) - but content that is relatable, content that is funny and enjoyable to watch, content that is a reflection of me. Once you become a doctor, it's easy for people to box you in and let your career define you. I don't subscribe to that notion, I have so much more to offer aside from dentistry - and I plan on sharing that with the world! 

I'm also blessed to be a wife to Myles Davis and a mother to Myles Davis Jr. - my two biggest blessings. Baby, no one told me how hard it is to be a wife and mom, but it is also a answered prayer, and I carry that with me on my toughest days. I have a TRIBE of family, friends, classmates, etc that support and love me like no other. I am who I am because of them, and I never forget that. 

That's a piece of my story, hopefully you stick around to learn more and watch it continue to develop!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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